Do you have a family heirloom, collectible or something special that you’ve always wondered about?  We research the history and value of your item using databases and our years of experience as researchers and professional appraisers. 

Restricted Appraisals
per item 
  • Family
  • Antique & Vintage Furnishings 
  • Memorabilia & Collectibles
  • Artwork
    & Decor
Why choose a Restricted Appraisal?
  • For personal knowledge of your items value when a full appraisal report is not necessary.

  • As a lower cost alternative to a full appraisal report. 

  • As a preliminary step to decide if an investment in a full appraisal is right for you.

What's in the Appraisal?
  • Time period 

  • Description of item

  • Value

  • Appraisal certification page.

Begin your Appraisal
  • Measure and upload images of your item. (Follow our easy photo and measurement guide)

  • Be sure to take clear photos of all maker’s marks, stamps, signatures and condition issues. 

  • Make sure your photos are clear and well lit. 


An appraiser will be in touch with you via email within 48 hours. 

Dix & Doherty LLC. restricted appraisals are USPAP compliant; our fee is never based on your item's value. Submitting your information does not constitute a booking. Restricted appraisals are subject to our availability and scope of knowledge. We offer a limited number of restricted appraisals per month based on our current schedule. In-person inspections and photography are offered at an additional fee within Westchester County and the greater Tri-state area. 




Please inquire via email for our service rates and descriptions or to arrange a time to speak via phone. 

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