Discovering Hidden Estate Sale Treasures

Painting by Alfred Thompson Bricher

Often times when a family contacts us to conduct an Estate Sale there is a lot of uncertainty about the contents of the home. Opening cabinets and drawers can seem a little bit like a treasure hunt as we dig through and organize everything in preparation for the upcoming sale. Our Rye Brook Estate Sale in May was certainly no exception! As we staged the sale, we discovered behind a dried floral arrangement a small but beautiful painting in a heavy gilded wood frame. The frames high quality and attention to craftsmanship immediately let us know that this was no run of the mill painting but something very special. As we looked further we discovered a small signature and date. After some research we were able to confirm that this piece was in fact an Alfred Thompson Bricher oil painting. For those who don’t know of Bricher you can find examples of his work hanging on the walls of museums across the United States. Bricher is best known for his association with White Mountain Art and the Hudson River School, how fitting for us to find one of his works right here in the Hudson Valley! Of course we were very excited to make this discovery for our clients and happy to sell the piece during our Estate Sale to a gallery owner in the area.

One of the many reasons why our clients hire us is because we have the education and experience to find the pieces that could get looked over. Every home has it’s own treasures waiting to be discovered and we are happy to be there to do so for our clients.

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